I totally blew it

Do you get a ton of emails every day from places that you ignore?  Like if you buy one single thing on a website, then you constantly get emails from them every day?  I bought cigars for my dad over a year ago and if you looked at my inbox you’d think I was a chain-smoker cigar addict.  Then, of course, the cigar website passed my info to other smoking sites because I gets emails for pipes now.  But not cool hipster bong pipes — more like old-timey pipes with the subject line of the emails saying things like “Buy two corn-cob pipes get one free!”


I let these emails go for a while because I find unsubscribing so tedious.  I wait until my inbox is stuffed with nothing but ads like “Fruitcake sampler 40 percent off!” (a Christmas gift, don’t ask) and then I spend an hour of my precious time on Earth unsubscribing to these sites.

This brings me to my point — I totally ignored the “It’s time to renew your blog” email.  It just looked like another annoying email to me and the more I saw it, the more I ignored it.  Who is this “Go Daddy” and why are they bothering me?  I don’t remember buying anything from a Go Daddy website.

Oh wait, I did buy something from them — my entire Riot Ranch website!

So they just ripped my site off the internet.  I don’t blame them, of course.  I blame the cigar website.  They took me over the edge.

Oh well.  I’m back.  I’m kind of embarrassed.  I’ll just have to smoke my corn cob pipe until I feel better.

(Talk to you soon.)


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