Why we need the Bern more than ever…

I am totally horrified by the notion that Hillary Clinton appears to be pulling ahead of Bernie Sanders.  It gives me the shivers.  It keeps me up at night.  I rant to my children about it until their eyes glaze over.


So we finally have Bernie Sanders, a candidate that is totally funded be the people and he’s seems to be losing to candidate that’s funded by corporations and Wall Street?  And Hillary Clinton is such BFF’s with corporations!  If Hillary could go to the movies and sit in the back row and make out with a corporation, she would.  If Hillary had a themed birthday party, she would have a Monsanto cake and General Electric balloons.  Birthday party games would include “Pin the corporation on the tax loop hole” and a treasure hunt where the winner finds a CEO’s golden parachute.

Here are some of the ways Hillary plays “I’m with stupid” with corporations –

Last year alone, Hillary took 17 million dollars from Wall Street.  (Although I’m sure she’ll really make them obey the law if she’s President!)

Since 2001, Bill and Hillary have been paid 153 MILLION dollars from big banks for speaking fees. (Watch out, big banks,  here comes Hillary!)

Hillary hired a FORMER MONSANTO LOBBYIST as one of her top advisors for her presidential campaign. (I can’t wait until Hillary passes a law that Monsanto can pour poison directly into our mouths!  Yummy, it’s cherry-flavored!)

As Secretary of State, Hillary used her position to advance the business interests of huge corporations like General Electric, Boeing, Exxon and Microsoft.  (Read this article from the Wall Street Journal if you want to cry silently and rock back and forth in a corner.)

Hillary (also known as “The Bride of Frankenfood) is in the back pocket of big ag and very pro genetically modified foods and chemical farming.  (In a brilliant nod to George Orwell, Hillary would like to rename GMO’S “drought-resistant farming.”  George Orwell has stopped spinning in his grave and has actually popped out of the ground to applaud Hillary for using his 1984 novel as a manual for her road to the presidency.)

Hillary has called the owner of Wal-Mart “One of America’s greatest families”.  (I guess her idea of a great American family is one that destroys the middle class by forcing small business owners to go under, small town life to be forever destroyed and creating a meth-addicted rural America.)

Hillary also voted for the Iraq war so she’s not afraid to give a shout out to the corporate war machine. (Both Boeing and General Electric are huge weapons manufacturers and she TOTALLY loves them both. She’s thinking of getting a tramp stamp of them with like a cool war plane and maybe some flowers around it.)

If Hillary Clinton was a NASCAAR, she wouldn’t have enough space on her body to cover all her corporate endorsements.  Fortunately, she could spread some of her endorsements to her hubs, Bill “I only wish I could have an affair with a corporation” Clinton.

If Bernie Sanders was a NASCAAR, he would have one endorsement across his chest, “The people.”

If you want corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, if you want public school lunches to not be filled with poison, if you want health care for all, if you want Wall Street to obey the law, if you want corporate polluters to clean up their environmental messes, if you want the middle class to come back, then Hillary is not your candidate. Oh sure, Hillary says she’ll do all those things, but she has been paid millions and millions of dollars to do otherwise.  All she needs is your vote and she’ll march right into the White House and do whatever corporations want.

That’s why we need Bernie.  Will Bernie Sanders be able to rid America of it’s corporate chokehold?  Not right away.  It took corporations decades to get this much power and it’s going to take us decades to get them out.  But we can if we all stick together and keeping fighting for a government that represents, oh I don’t know, us!

We just have to let Bernie fire the first arrows.


  • rednalgne says:

    I’m not a fan of Hillary either but I wouldn’t trust any republican with a supreme court nomination. Trump may not be a true republican but he and the super-pacs might just agree on a nominee for the court.

  • Emily McKeever says:

    Amen Holly! A. Men.

  • Kate says:

    I agree that Bernie is the ideal, but I hope if he doesn’t win that you would still vote for HRC over Trump. He is the biggest danger by far. comparisons to Hitler’s rise to power are terrifyingly apt.

    • Holly Hester says:

      If Trump was a complete racist, I would vote for him. At least he doesn’t have a super-pac. If he was a reasonable, not insane guy, it would be so great to have a President that isn’t owned by anyone. I remember Michael Moore begging Oprah to run for president — she’s so smart and she has all of her own money to campaign. That’s the kind of person we need (like the Bern) — I totally would have voted for Oprah! Think of the fireside chats!

  • Suzanne Hue says:

    Right on! Way to tell it like it is with eloquence & humor. Bernie is our only hope.

  • rednalgne says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are for Bernie! Thanks

    • Holly Hester says:

      I love Bernie! He’s the only way!

      • rednalgne says:

        I have been reading a lot about The Great Depression and the New Deal lately. All of the major newspapers, even the ones we revere today, were calling FDR a socialist out to wreck the country. He kept fighting, ignoring his critics in congress and making his case to the public who kept voting him back into office. I think Bernie comes from the same mold!

        • Holly Hester says:

          True. I think the problem Bernie faces is that we have a complete corporate take over of everything from our government to our news outlets. We as citizens have watched this unfold without a fight and now we have a really big battle because it’s a system now.

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