Here’s another great You Tube workout…

Here’s another great You Tube workout…

After I posted about my new boring mantra of “I make exercise a priority in my daily life”, I got a suggestion for a You Tube workout that I’ve never heard of… and I tried it and… Well, I can barely walk.  My legs are so sore that squatting is out of the question and my arms hurt when I try to pick up a Q-tip.

So of course, I’m suggesting it for you!  It’s from Jessica Smith TV.  She has a TON of different workouts (some “walking” workouts that seem kind of queer to me, but whatever).


I decided to try the Kickboxing ballet body sculpt.

Kickboxing and ballet?  What could be a more natural combination?  Why didn’t I think of that?  The workout is only 30 minutes, she has a dog sleeping on her exercise mat and I am definitely going to add this workout to my weekly routine.  (Thanks for the suggestion!)

Also suggested was Christmas Abbott’s Badass Body workout.  This woman is a terrifyingly/amazing cross fit monster who throws truck tires around just for fun.  I couldn’t find her workouts on You Tube for free, but here’s a link to her website where you can buy her knowledge and stare at her rippled, tattooed muscles.


Or…if you want to look like Christmas Abbott without buying her workouts, you could just probably try to lift your car a hundred times a day or put several large loved ones on your back and run around the yard until you vomit.

Doesn’t really matter what you do as long as we all get moving….

Comments? Fire away.