My favorite You Tube exercise videos…

My favorite You Tube exercise videos…

Let it be known that I have been exercising.  For real.  Consistently.  There is no health reason for this.  I won’t pretend to admit that I’m exercising for a healthy heart or to live to see my great grandchildren graduate from college.  I’m exercising out of fear of summer coming and either being in public in a bathing suit or just simply shorts.  Ever since having kids, I’ve never exercised consistently.  It was just too damn hard to get to the gym or run down the street pushing a jogging stroller.  And forget a ninety minute yoga class. By the time you drive there, take the class and come home, you’re gone for like three hours.  I could have gone to the movies instead! Or a bar!


So… once I decided I was going to get in shape for summer, I made some decisions —

* All exercise had to be done at home.

* It had to be under 30 minutes.

* It had to be free.  I’m not going to subscribe to some crazy streaming exercise channel only to quit later.

* It had to be exercise I could do in front of my kids.  (Meaning, I’m not going to pole dance.)

* I had to exercise every day because seriously, it’s only thirty minutes!

* I had to replace my mantra of “I never have time to exercise” with a new mantra of “I make exercise a priority in my every day life.” I know, it’s a really boring mantra, but whatever, it works.

So listen — let me tell you — I’m totally cranking on this new plan!  I’ve been exercising this way for a couple of months now.   My kids don’t even bat an eyelash when I roll out the yoga mat.  It’s just what mom does…. Sometimes they join in.  Sometimes they give non-helpful pointers (“Your leg isn’t high enough.”)  Sometimes they just sit on the couch and read until it’s over because — it’s only thirty minutes!!!

So here are my top four You Tube favorites just in case you’re wondering how to make exercise a priority in your life —

Jillian Michaels 30 day shred — After working out with Jillian Michaels for a month, I had to get rid of all my pants because they were FALLING off of me.  If you want to lose weight — look no further.  She kind of yells at you but I’m okay with that.  I kind of need someone shouting at me to exercise sometimes.

Tracy Anderson — Tracy works out the stars (Hello, Gwyneth!) and all of her exercises are about toning.  She does the weirdest standing ab workout I’ve ever seen and she will torture your butt into shape.  I love this workout.

Popsugar yoga — Okay I stumbled upon this one, but I love it.  It’s a 30 minute flow yoga that will leave you sweating and totally rejuvenated.  Great for both arms and legs.

Brazillian butt workout — I don’t really know anything about this woman, but I love her butt work out.  It’s only 13 minutes and your butt is on fire.  I do this workout when I don’t have time for anything else.  It makes me feel like I at least did something good.

NOW here’s my question — do you have any workouts to share with me?  I would love to hear about anything… except maybe pole dancing or like wrestling alligators.  Too many props and I won’t do it.

Because, hello, June is almost here and I fear the shorts!!!

Oh yeah, and repeat after me, “I make exercise a priority in my every day life.”

Game on, right?



  • Alexis says:

    But it’s soooo much easier to say I don’t have time! or ignore the treadmill in the basement. Ok, ok, you’ve inspired me to at least bookmark your faves on YouTube. That’s a start, right? Thanks for the motivation!!!

  • kiera says:

    So good to change it up sometimes. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • This is so timely. In the last two weeks I have been doing a workout from Jessica Smith TV on youtube every other day or so. I’ll have to check out your suggestions!!! Thanks!!!

  • Gretchen Ethridge says:

    I love the Badass Body Workout by Christmas Abbott. No equipment needed, super short workouts (15 minutes or less) only three days a week!!!!) that you do at home. Sounds too good to be true, but the workouts kick my butt and my body shape has actually changed. Problem is my hip and knee hurt. Don’t know if that’s the workout or my age. Don’t want to go anywhere and don’t want to do videos, so I’m sticking with this until further notice….

    • Holly Hester says:

      Hey Gretch it’s nice to hear from you!!!! I’ve never heard of this workout but I like the name. I’ll give it a try today. Thanks!!!!

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