About Me

Welcome to my blog. I began sharing way too much about myself in 2013 with a blog called, “My Year of Fabulous”. It was a blog about my personal search to rid myself of my mom jeans. If you’d like to see any of those posts, please look under “Fashion Archives” on the home page.

But this blog is something totally different. Riot Ranch is about my whole life, not just my clothes. My husband and I used to live in Los Angeles where I worked as a sitcom writer and we lived in this big fancy house and drove big fancy cars and ate at big fancy restaurants until our son, Buck, was born in 2003 and I started having this bizarre urge to leave the city for the simple life.


All those intense mommy and me classes with the moms with the perfect post baby bodies and perfect yoga outfits and the thirty-thousand-dollar-a-year preschools terrified me. It seemed so wrong, like, Shouldn’t little kids just be playing in the dirt and eating their boogers all day? When did being a mom and being a kid get to be so hard?


So my husband and I did this crazy radical thing – we abandoned our big fancy life in the city and moved to a little farm in Northern California. We didn’t know anyone or anything about the town we moved to — We just moved because there was a Whole Foods. I’m serious. It’s sad, really, that we were that insane once, but we really did move based on a grocery store.

Now, 8 years and two more kids later, here we are, farmers. Not good farmers, but still, farmers. We live in an 850 square foot house heated only by a wood stove, we don’t have a television, we grow pinot grapes, we have a bunch of rescued animals and in general, we try to be a bunch of wacko, living-off-the-land hippies. Except I don’t smoke pot and I still shave my armpits.


The purpose of Riot Ranch is to share any tips I have discovered on my way to living a simpler, retro, organic life, because honestly, changing my life in such a big way has made me unbelievably happy. Saying no to modern life has brought my family and I the most amazing untold riches that I want to be a champion for the cause of slowing down.

But most importantly, Riot Ranch is meant to be funny. I will try in each and every post to make you laugh. I doubt this will always be possible, so in those cases I will try and dress up one of our animals in something stupid. Like this –


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better all ready.