February – Euro Chic

Definition:  This look is chic, but eclectic.   The euro chic woman doesn’t dress flashy in order to get attention, but dresses in such an understated and sophisticated way that everyone gives her attention.PostCatherineDeneuve

The good news is that women of any age can wear euro chic.  But what about women of any budget?  Cashmere sweaters, crocodile heels, and lots of silk…  just to name a few items in a euro chic-ers closet.  PostMikeMyersDragI don’t remember seeing those items at Goodwill the last time I was hunting for a fry daddy.   I’m afraid that if I just get cheap knock offs of these items I’ll just look like I work in a nail salon in Queens rather than someone about to board first class on it’s way to Brussels.

PostPrincessCThis look does not scream “farm” or “kids” or “Costco”.  Euro chic looks like it’s made for calm, cool and collected women – smart women that never get rattled, read international newspapers and speak several languages.  Once, I read “Clifford, the Big Red Dog” in Spanish to my kids.  I’m not sure that counts.  This look is great for any mom that feels completely disorganized and ragged every day.  Let the clothes change the chaos.