January – Rock’n’Roll

PostPattiSmithDaigoOlivaThink sexy/tough.  To get the R’n’R look, go with skinny legged jeans, leggings and pants with interesting patterns and textures like velvet or courdoroy.  Skirts are short and tight and dresses are sexy with interesting details like zippers, chains or studs.

Rock’n’Roll is a look that has midlife crisis written all over it.  Skull rings.  Leather jackets.  Tight red pants.  This look doesn’t bring up body issues with me.  It brings up age issues.  I’m 43 and shouldn’t be wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and leather tube skirt to pick up my kids from school.  It’s unnatural.  It’s unsightly and it says to the world, “I’m not comfortable with aging.  I’m in a state of great denial that will probably end in a trip to rehab.”


My goal for this look is to make Rock’n’Roll age-appropriate — to find the sophistication in leather pants and a pointy gold bra — if that’s even possible.

In case you’re interested in trying out Rock’n’Roll and are wondering if you’re the right age for it, take a look at my guide –

Can I wear Rock’n’Roll?

Teens:  A must.  Fortunately, our society encourages young girls to forgo education pursuits and just look as slutty as possible and Rock’n’Roll can certainly be your conduit to group acceptance.  Of course, one year’s popular Rock’n’Roll slut can be next year’s pregnant drop-out.  But I say, enjoy it while you can.


20s:  Definitely.  Of course, this look is job dependent, so if you’re working at NASA you might want to save the leather cat suit for evening.

30s:  Yes.  But if you’re still going to clubs every night, living at home with your parents and wearing hot pink cocktail dresses, you might want to not just re-think your look, but your life.

40s:  Not really.  You are walking on very thin fashion ice unless you can make this look sophisticated.

50s:  Sorry, the Rock’n’Roll ship has sailed.

60s:  Not even on Halloween.

70s:  Not unless you want your grown children to force you to undergo a battery of senility tests.

PostMotorcycleGrannyJanTik80s:  You can wear Rock’n’Roll again!  People will think it’s cute and you’ll probably end up on a talk show about breaking down age stereotypes.  You might even get a book deal – a the very least, you’ll get your own Rockin’ Granny calendar.